04.12.2020 | magis40 digital materials

Minerbe, 04.12.2020

magis40 digital materials

Dear Customer,

We know that communication is an important factor in the life of a company and that it becomes fundamental in the presentation of a new product.

This is why Uniform makes available to its magis40 customers a package of „ready-to-use“ digital materials to communicate the magis40 project effectively, both in social channels and websites.

The necessary condition to access these materials, which are completely free of charge, is to have signed one of the contracts for exhibition / realization of pre-assembled / or production of uni_one magis40 paying particular attention to the „Protocol40“ that outlines the ways of using these materials. 

The materials will be made available through a link and will be of two types:

  • IMAGES AND VIDEO FOR SOCIAL – Facebook (FB), Linkedin (IN), Instagram(IG)
    Folders with images in different formats according to the target social media, some videos for the stories and texts of each post, which retrace some key concepts of magis40 as presented in the dedicated brochure.
    Two folders: one dedicated to the images/rendering of the magis40 open-in system and one dedicated to the HS-magis40.

Please pay special attention to the following:

  • Please refer to the „Protocol40“ for how to use the above mentioned material. Customers who have already signed a uni_one magis40 contract will receive the update of the Protocol40 via email.
  • Write „magis40“ always lowercase and without space between name and number, according to the indications of Protocol40.
  • In case the material is shared with a distributor, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the same respects the indications of the Protocol40.
  • Today, Friday, December 4th, is scheduled the publication on Uniform’s social media of the emotional video of magis40. For Community40 Customers, the video will be customized directly by Uniform with the insertion of the Customer logo and made available starting from next week.

To receive the link to download the material mentioned above write to marketing@uniform.it taking care to indicate a reference email for the transmission of the link.


Hoping that these actions can contribute to the diffusion of the magis40 project, best regards.

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon 
Chairman of the Board

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