Unitherm curtain walls by Uniform

project: Technogym Village
location: Cesena
designer: Studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners customer Technogym spa

A centre of sports and industry surrounded by the hills of Bologna and reflecting their gently rolling landscape; a glulam frame covered with silvery insulated galvanised steel panels contrasting with uninterrupted glass walls overlooking the park and the motorway. Technogym Village is the perfect expression of a company that has raised the bar in wellness all over the world. Workers’ comfort and well-being are the focus of the entire project, in which the architects took special care in the design of the walls most exposed to the sun, helping to solve the project’s identity.

In response to the specific requirements of the project, the architects chose Uniform’s Unitherm uninterrupted façades for both the Wellness Village and the long wall on the Garden Area, identified by the rhythm of the units and use of oak glulam. Unitherm uninterrupted façades consist of a grid of uprights and crosspieces made of oak glulam, the outside of which may be left as bare wood or covered with aluminium and bronze sheeting.

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