CE Marking, Cascading and
Test Reports

CE Marking, Cascading and Test Reports

For the uni_one, Uniform provides the cascading ITT, , integrating it on the development software, and it fulfilled a series of documents that supports the CE marking, allowing the customers to fill in rapidly and completely with all the legal requirements.

The cascading mechanism consists on the following elements:

The contract
According to the cascading mechanism, users can subscribe to a license contract with Uniform S.p.A., in compliance with the relative standards.

Apply for the Contract


Test Reports
after subscribing the Contract, Uniform will send a copy of all test reports as performed on uni_one doors and windows, according to the standard EN 14351-1.

Test Reports


Operation and maintenance manual
The information that door and window manufacturers must deliver to final users is provided in this stylish booklet, also supplied in the format of personalisable files, to match the product and ensure comprehensive and professional information.

Operation and maintenance manual


The declaration of performance and CE Marking
Lastly documents are supplied in customizable file format in compliance to the REGULATION (EU) No. 305/11 CPR and to the standard EN 1435-1, for quick and intuitive compilation (declaration of performance DoP) (CE Marking).

Declaration of CE performance     CE Marking