16.09.2021 | Wind load resistance of the HS-magis40 system

Minerbe, 16.09.2021

Wind load resistance of the HS-magis40 system

Dear Customer,

we are pleased to inform you that we have performed 2 additional tests for the wind load resistance of the HS-magis40 system.

The tests were carried out on a magis40 lift and slide window up to a height of 3200 mm and are in addition to the test previously carried out for the lift and slide up to 2400 mm.

  • Up to a height of 2400 mm, the resistance class is B5 (click HERE).
  • For heights between 2400 and 3200 mm the resistance class is C1 (click HERE).
  • For a higher resistance, up to a maximum height of 3200 mm, we have implemented a concealed central steel (code LS151) reinforcement that allows to reach resistance class B2 (click HERE).

These additional tests provide designers with fundamental data for the correct insertion of the window within the project, also in consideration of a careful evaluation of the context in which it is installed (for example ground floor or high floors of a building and areas with strong wind exposure).

Thank you for your attention, best regards.

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon
Chairman of the Board

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