17.12.2020 | Hydro-Oil Finishes

Minerbe, 17.12.2020

Hydro-Oil Finishes

Dear Customer,

we are pleased to inform you that Uniform has extended the range of uni_one wood part finishes with two HYDRO-OIL solutions: Ginger and Turmeric finishes.
HYDRO-OIL protects the natural beauty of the wood giving a very materic and refined effect.

HYDRO-OIL is supplied in convenient cans and you can easily apply it (by brush or spray) on the raw oak veneer, at your factory, following a few simple steps.
Uniform will not apply HYDRO-OIL, neither on the bars, nor on the pre-assembled frames.

In order to maximise durability performance, Renner S.p.A. has designed a cycle using a two-component catalysed product, obtained by combining the HYDRO-OIL finish and the hardener, to be applied after the Ginger or Turmeric impregnating agent.

YM-01 Turmeric Impregnating Agent, cans of kg. 1
YM-02 Turmeric Impregnating Agent, cans of kg. 5
YT-01 Ginger Impregnating Agent, cans of kg. 1
YT-02 Ginger Impregnating Agent, cans of kg. 5

YS-01 Hydro-Oil finish, cans of kg. 1
YS-02 Hydro-Oil finish, cans of kg. 5
YS-03 Hydro-Oil finish, cans of kg. 10

YC-01 Catalyst for YS-01, bottle of kg. 0,050
YC-02 Catalyst for YS-02, bottle of kg. 0,250
YC-03 Catalyst for YS-03, bottle of kg. 0,500

Main features of the HYDRO-OIL finish:

  • easy to apply;
  • specifically designed for hardwoods;
  • special protection against UV rays;
  • protects the structure of the wood;
  • allows the treatment to be renewed without sanding.

The prices of the above mentioned material are included in the Uniform web price list.

Click on the links below to view the application procedures:

The new HYDRO-OIL finishes will be included in a dedicated box available soon.

Thank you for the attention, best regards.


Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon 
Chairman of the Board

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