25.03.2020 | Uniform SpA restarts production activities on Monday 6th April 2020

Minerbe, 25.03.2020

Uniform SpA restarts production activities on Monday 6th April 2020

Dear Customers and Suppliers,

it is for all to see that the CORONA VIRUS problem will not cease shortly.
Uniform SpA is among the many national production companies that, according to the latest decree issued, will not be able to reopen before Monday 6th April 2020.

In these days of production stop, the Directors of the Uniform group – with the full collaboration of all the intermediate leadership and the advice of a consultant specialized in health & safety – is devoting the utmost attention to the development of a radically new approach to the defense of individual and collective health!

We are working to implement the set of NEW BEHAVIORAL RULES that will have to characterize our future working method until the complete resolution of this emergency: we are in fact aware that every company in Italy – and out of Italy – will have to adapt to new rules, regardless from the sector.

Compliance with the new rules for the containment of contagion risks will be essential: for this reason, we are identifying within our organization the people responsible for monitoring the respect of the new rules by all those who work in the plant or interact with it from the outside.

The challenge in the coming weeks, in fact, will be to carry out our work in an increasingly safer environment, as a result of an increased sense of responsibility by each of us, none excluded.

The Directors thank in advance all our Customers and Suppliers for their support in this unprecedented historical moment. We hope to restart production all together with renewed impetus and tenacity.

Best regards

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon
Sole Administrator

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