09.03.2020 | Uniform’s activity continues unaffected

Minerbe, 09.03.2020

Uniform’s activity continues unaffected

Dear Sirs,

The emergency news recently released is of concern, but Uniform is tackling the challenges head-on. We have in fact taken extraordinary measures in terms of safety and hygiene in order to maximise internal health and continue our work without any interruption.

Uniform continues with the full support of the skills and professionalism of all our stakeholders who will commit themselves daily to compliance with the new provisions.

Our strong sense of civic responsibility compels us to protect those who interact with our company without exception: we have therefore decided to temporarily inhibit access to our headquarters for customers, agents, suppliers and consultants at least until April 3rd , 2020, as per Ministerial Decree.

Specific exceptions are foreseen for necessary and short-term interventions in the safety field and all health indications will be closely monitored to contain the risks of contagion.

We will ensure the maximum continuity of all activities, via telephone and email, promoting smart working wherever possible, to maintain full operational effectiveness throughout our entire organization, both internally and externally.

Thanks to these extraordinary efforts, we are confident that we will emerge stronger for the mutual benefit of us all.

Uniform Spa

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