18.10.2021 | New finishes ICONA collection

Minerbe, 18.10.2021

New finishes ICONA collection

Dear Customer,

we are pleased to announce that starting from October 18, the new ICONA finishes collection is available.
The new finishes, selected according to the latest market trends and with particular attention to the trends in the world of furniture, are 8 in total and will be available for all uni_one systems, including magis40!

ICONA is the result of the integration of 3 components: decorative paper, melamine/acrylic resin and NWF (non-woven fabric), pressed together through an advanced technological process that makes them inseparable, imprinting the typical wood grain and creating a materic effect.

You will soon receive the new ICONA box that will replace the SILK box, keeping the same price.

SILK finishes remain available until 31/12/2021 and then ONLY for possible completions.
The only exception is the MS P3 finish which is already available for completions ONLY.
The finish MS P3 will not be reordered due to the excessively long supplying time and will therefore be permanently replaced by the finish SALE IC 050 of the ICONA collection, much appreciated by all customers who have started using it.

SALE code IC 050
PERLA code IC 051
ROCCIA code IC 052
CORDA code IC 053
GRANO code IC 054
TORBA code IC 056
LAVICA code IC 057

Thank you for your attention, best regards.

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon
Chairman of the Board

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