25.09.2019 | Painting treatments on NATURA: oak veneer profiles

Minerbe, 25.09.2019


Dear Customer,

hereby we wish to specify some peculiarities of NATURA: Oak Veneer profiles.

Oak Veneer is a natural product realized starting from the first part of the tree trunk, also known as « first trunk selection », which guarantees more uniformity of the grain than the upper parts of the tree.

Nevertheless, it can present varieties in terms of:

GRAIN: in some parts it can be more dense than others.

SHADES: lighter and darker parts can alternate between each other.

In the production process of Oak Veneer a careful selection is made in the combination of various sheets of veneer, with the aim of mitigating and amalgamating the differences described above. However, it is not possible to achieve a constant and invariable level of uniformity.

The use of completely transparent paints and / or natural (non pigmented) oils on Oak Veneer profiles can highlight, and emphasize, the differences in tone of the veneer itself.

To standardize shades and neutralize undesired chromatic effects, we recommend the use of pigmented paints / oils.

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