25.11.2019 | uni_one Technology – The new website is online

Minerbe, 25.11.2019

REF: The new uni_one website is online

Dear Customer,

we are pleased to inform you that the new uni_one website is online!

The domain www.sistema-uni-one.it remains unchanged even if there has been a restyling of the contents with the introduction of the concept of uni_one Technology: the technological production process underlying the uni_one product.
uni_one Technology identifies a complete package consisting of: system + certifications + software + equipment + communication = 360° technology.

Producing a window with uni_one technology means being able to choose from cutting-edge design solutions in the world of wood-aluminum that can be achieved with limited investments. It means placing a unique, innovative and safe product on the market. The finished product can be marketed with the name you prefer without forgetting that the technique and soul behind the product are « powered by uni_one Technology ».

The new website is one of the pieces of a wider puzzle, which provides for a definition of the uni_one concept starting from the renewal of the various promotional materials, such as brochures to get to the preparation of a brand identity manual with the aim of giving the communicative guide lines to licensees.

We hope that the new uni_one website will become a tool to better convey the big news that will arrive in 2020!

Uniform SpA

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