03.11.2020 | New finishes box NATURA 2021

Minerbe, 03.11.2020

New finishes box NATURA 2021

Dear Customer,

starting from November 16th, 2020, the new NATURA box will be available and expanded with two main categories: painted finishes and tinted transparent finishes.

  • MATT PAINTED FINISH (supply mode: pre-assembled frames or bars)
    – 7 finishes divided into 3 painted on pine base and 4 on oak veneer base
    – main features: matt finish
    – the painted products on pine base are made with a mixed polyurethanic/acrylic lacquering cycle consisting of polyurethane primer and catalyzed water-based acrylic finish to get a better coverage of the wood grain and finger-joint.
    – on oak veneer base you get an open-grain painted effect
    – for RAL9016 matt white painted finish on pine base is available the First & White service, painted bars in stock for a faster shipping.

  • TINTED TRANSPARENT FINISH (supply mode: pre-assembled frames or bars)
    – 4 finishes
    – main features: transparent finish with open-grain effect, allows to see the wood grain.
    – the tinted transparent products are made with a water based acrylic cycle composed of primer and catalyzed finish.

Inside the NATURA box we will insert also a sample of brushed raw oak veneer.

The new finishes of the NATURA  2021 box will be available in the next update of ProF-2 software.
Below is a summary of the finishes inside the new Natura box:

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Thank you for the attention, best regads.


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