01.10.2021 | HS-magis40 technical catalog update

Minerbe, 01.10.2021

HS-magis40 technical catalog update

Dear Customer,

please find here below the technical update:


  • improvement of the fixing system of the central profile of the sash with the introduction of the new profile LA1193c and wooden profile FD715. This new system allows a faster and more precise assembly of the sash;
  • insertion of the new silicone gasket DE181S that allows to block the direct passage of air reducing the possibility of any condensation points;
  • new accessory LC197 lower protection terminal of the sash central mullion (page. 59);
  • insertion of the instructions for the assembly of the threshold for lengths longer than 6mt(pages 34-35);
  • central steel reinforcement bar (LS151) for greater resistance to wind load (page 33);
  • new data sheet with the update of the tests for resistance to wind load and acoustic certification (page 3).

Click HERE to see the updated technical catalog.

The update will be available from October 01, 2021.

Thank you for your attention, best regards.

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon
Chairman of the Board

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