13.05.2020 | magis40: finally free

Minerbe 13/05/2020

magis40: finally free

Great freedom of customization, extreme minimal lines, excellent performance: these are the features of magis40, the new system created by Uniform with uni_one technology. 

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An unprecedented technological challenge.


Light is the new protagonist of the rooms. In magis40, the visible section of the window sash is only 40mm, which increases the glass surface ensuring greater brightness and better living comfort.

Clean forms and functionality come together in the creation of a unique product of its kind which, thanks to the integration of wood – aluminum and the search for innovative technical solutions, ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

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With magis40, the frame flush with the wall leaves wide room for the designer’s freedom of expression: the window is no longer just a technical component but becomes a discreet element that blends with the home furnishings.

Discover magis40: finally free to create, design, deliver.

create, design, deliver

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