29.04.2020 | Be Uniform, Be social

Minerbe, 29.04.2020

Be Uniform, Be social

Dear Customer,
in a constantly changing market, where everything happens quickly, it is essential to communicate in the same quick way.
For this reason, in line with the new Uniform strategic vision in communication, more direct and immediate, we have launched a renewed and more structured social media activity.
Our main goal is to be closer to our customers and partners, developing our communication on the main social media: Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

We developed a multi-level editorial plan:
Branding: to improve the reputation of our brand;
Emotional: to show the projects realized in sinergy with our clients;
Technical: to present the performances of our systems and our new products.

With the use of social media we will therefore enhance our identity of systems designer / producer and show the evolutions that Uniform is having both in the Italian and foreign markets as well.

Follow us on our social media channels.
Be Uniform, Be social.

Uniform SpA
Franco Tenzon
Sole Administrator