29.04.2020 | Be Uniform, Be social

Minerbe, 29.04.2020 Be Uniform, Be social Dear Customer, in a constantly changing market, where everything happens quickly, it is essential to communicate in the same quick way. For this reason, in line with the new Uniform strategic vision in communication, more direct and immediate, we have launched a renewed and more structured social media activity. […]
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11.04.2020 | Restart of production activities

Minerbe, 11.04.2020 Restart of production activities Dear Customers and Suppliers, as per Government decree of 10th April 2020, we are pleased to inform you about the gradual restart of our production activities from Wednesday 15th April 2020. We are working to ensure that our departments return to full capacity already from the following week and therefore […]
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03.04.2020 | Uniform SpA restarts production activities on Tuesday 14th April 2020

Minerbe, 03.04.2020 Uniform SpA restarts production activities on Tuesday 14th April 2020 Dear Customers and Suppliers, following the latest government provisions (Prime Ministerial Decree of April 1st, 2020) we inform you that our production activities will restart on Tuesday 14th April 2020. We are completing the Company protocol of the NEW BEHAVIORAL RULES, in order to […]
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14.03.2020 | Temporary closure of production activities Uniform SpA

Minerbe, 14.03.2020 Temporary closure of production activities Uniform SpA Dear Customers and Suppliers, after careful evaluations and on the basis of the decisions made by the Competent Authorities on the diffusion of COVID-19, Uniform S.p.A. has decided to suspend the production activities of its Italian plant from Monday 16 until Friday 27 March 2020: a […]
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09.03.2020 | Uniform’s activity continues unaffected

Minerbe, 09.03.2020 Uniform’s activity continues unaffected Dear Sirs, The emergency news recently released is of concern, but Uniform is tackling the challenges head-on. We have in fact taken extraordinary measures in terms of safety and hygiene in order to maximise internal health and continue our work without any interruption. Uniform continues with the full support […]
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21.02.2020 | New gasket DE174

Minerbe, 21.02.2020 New gasket DE174 Dear Customer, we kindly ask you to read the update below. DE107 is replaced by the new article DE174. The new gasket has the same characteristics as the previous one but its insertion and sealing inside the aluminum has been improved.  Gasket DE107 will be supplied until the stock is […]
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21.01.2020 | uni_one Technical Catalogue update

Minerbe, 21.01.2020 uni_one Technical Catalogue update    Dear Customer, We kindly ask you to read the update of our UNI_ONE technical catalogue below. uni_one Coplanar and Flat systems:  Two new profiles, LA1188 and LA1189, have been introduced for the assembled frames. The conformation of the two new profiles allows an even more precise and aesthetically […]
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CIRC. 21/2019 | Non-Compliance Form

  CIRC. 21/2019 Minerbe, December 19th 2019 REF.:Non-Compliance Form Dear Customer, In order to guarantee a service increasingly oriented to full customer satisfaction and to facilitate the acquisition and monitoring of non-conformities, we realized a non-compliance registration form to collect completely and clearly all the information necessary for relevant registration and fulfilment. The form is available for download […]
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CIRC. 20/2019 | uni_one Technology – The new website is online

  CIRC. 20/2019  Minerbe, 25/11/2019   REF: The new uni_one website is online Dear Customer, we are pleased to inform you that the new uni_one website is online! The domain www.sistema-uni-one.it remains unchanged even if there has been a restyling of the contents with the introduction of the concept of uni_one Technology: the technological production […]
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CIRC. 18/2019 | Price list update 2020

  CIRC. 18/2019 Minerbe, November 18th 2019 REF.:Price list update 2020 Dear Customer, Uniform has absorbed the rising of labour and prime material costs over the last two years, maintaining the price list unchanged since 2018. This has all been possible thanks to everyday work and continuous efforts of the whole staff intended to identify […]
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CIRC. 19/2019 | EMO update (Extra for Minimum Order)

  CIRC. 19/2019 Minerbe, November 18th 2019 REF.:EMO update (Extra for Minimum Order) Dear Customer, herewith we inform you that starting from January 1st 2020, EMO will applied as follows: For Orders developed by our Technical office with a total net amount (carriage and packaging costs excluded) below € 200,00 we will invoice an extra […]
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