magis40 in the ADI Index 2020

Innovations designed and created in-house

An advanced system created from Uniform’s experience and from the ability to develop high added value solutions.

An unprecedented technological challenge

passion and technological innovation

Create a window frame with an exposed
section of the sash of only 40mm and
a concealed frame flush with the wall.



the simplicity of design
finds its line

The frame flush with the wall

The room to be designed is not perturbed, which means that designers can freely create vertical elements, expressing their creativity with no constraints. The window becomes a fluid, subtle object that blends in with the home decor.




a customised, original look

magis40 is a concept that stimulates the creativity of designers and window and door manufacturers. A skilful, sophisticated mix that leaves plenty of freedom to interpret, experience and decorate windows with accessories.

Brochure magis40




a conscious choice


magis40 has a core made of glued laminated timber, because, for us, natural materials are always in vogue. The glued laminated timber bar optimises the use of trees, without waste. Moreover, the use of eco-friendly, planned reforestation techniques makes the magis40 window a sustainable product. For uni_one bars, Uniform uses wood from FSC® certified forests only.
Wood: sustainable and technological.



the perfect combination

Wood – Aluminium

magis40 has a wooden frame inside, to offer the excellence of nature and, outside, it comes with a protective aluminium shield so as to avoid any kind of maintenance.


an unprecedented technological challenge

Excellent air permeability / water tightness / resistance to wind load

The performance requirements achieved mark an important milestone for minimal windows.

Certificate Passive House Institute P.H.I.



a range of international profiles

The magis40 programme is highly versatile and is available with different types of opening:




open-in model, extreme in size

The exclusive concealed locking system of the fixed elements and the lack of rabbets in the sash, which are both patented elements, highlight the high-tech features of the system for magis40 windows.


lift and slide model, technological elegance in motion

One of a kind, the HS-magis40 by Uniform is the lift and slide system that completes the minimalist line of the magis40. The HS-magis40 Uniform Kit, as with the casement one with the same name, makes it possible to install a window with an exposed section of the sash of only 40mm and a concealed frame flush with the wall.


light, a key feature

format38 introduces the concept of total overlap between the sash and frame to reduce the exposed section of both the wood inside and aluminium outside to just 38mm. This ensures 30% more light in the house, which translates into renewed spaces and improved quality of life.

sales kit magis40

sales tools

Discover the solutions available to best present magis40.

visual book magis40

concept for show room

Discover the solutions available to present magis40 in your show room.
A complete book to guide you in the choice that best suits your spaces and your needs!


details are not for everyone

For the exclusive magis40 program by uni_one technology, Uniform, in partnership with “Colombo Design”, has selected a handle with high technical and aesthetic performance: the magis40 and HS-magis40 DK-Zero handle.